Hi I'm Chris Smalley

Full-Stack Developer from Nashville, TN

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About Me

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed working with computers. From learning HTML in middle school for personal websites that predated Myspace to removing viruses off my families computers--was something that always came natural to me.

Unfortunately in college I forgot about this passion until I was working on MBA. My first semester I was placed in what quickly became my favorite class, Managerial Decision Making. This computer information systems class used advanced Excel functions to solve complex problems. After that class, I was hooked again, and used my remaining electives on computer science classes.

Graduating with my MBA in 2012, I moved from Kentucky to Nashville. After a few years of a successful career in Sales, I couldn't shake this feeling that something was missing. Needless to say I quit my job in June 2016 to attend Nashville Software School, and haven't looked back since. From day one, it was clear that working as a developer is what I was meant to do.



Below is a sample of few projects I have done. Click the project to view more info.


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Gauntlet was a simple web-based RPG that lets a human player fight against an array of different enemies. Working with three other developers we built this fun game in three days. Using javascript and bootstrap the game features some basic animations each time the player use the attack button. Our purpose in building this application was to reinforce our understanding of prototypal inheritance prior to learning the AngularJS framework.


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WedReg is a web application built to allow multiple people to contribute to a single item on a couples wedding registry. Thus allowing people to register for items for "big ticket" items such as sectionals or 70" TVs in addition to traditional wedding registry items. WedReg was built in two weeks as part of my front-end capstone project at Nashville Software School. The project was built using the Amazon Advertising API, Firebase, AngularJS, and JQuery.

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